Fill the CONIC and give it to your pet so she can lick the stuffing. If you want her to be entertained longer, freeze it so it takes her longer to get it out. Don’t make it so hard for him that it can’t empty it. This can cause stress and frustation to your dog.

This product has NOT been designed to be at the dog’s full disposal all day, but for sporadic and controlled use when we want it to be entertained. We recommend to remove the toy once it’s empty to prevent incorrect use, as the dog is prone to bite it and get nervous, getting to even break it in some cases.



In case of breakage, switch to a higher hardness.
In case of ingestion, consult your veterinarian (natural rubber is neither toxic nor digestible, the most normal thing is that it comes out the same way it went in).
Remember that no toy that cares for you pet’s dental health is undestructible.

For any other questions get in touch with us.