Dog toy

Dog Ball

The Dog Ball is designed to be filled with food or snacks and your dog will have fun scooping out the contents.

While playing with it, the natural rubber helps promote teeth cleaning and stimulates your dog’s mental exercise.

This is vital for his health and minimizes separation anxiety and boredom.

The Dog Ball is available in 2 sizes and 2 hardnesses differentiated by color code. The purple color indicates high hardness, perfect for dogs with a very strong bite and tendency to break toys, and the orange color, which indicates medium hardness, also resistant and ideal for most dogs (recommended for puppies with strong jaws that still have baby teeth).

Inner cavity for food and treats

Inner cavity for food and treats. You can fill your Dog Ball with feed, pate, liquids and any healthy food for your dog. If you want to increase the difficulty or cool it down on hot days, freeze it before giving it to your dog.

Perfect substitute for tennis balls

Tennis balls are designed for playing tennis and present many risks for your pet, but the Dog Ball has been designed with the fun and health of your furry friend in mind.

Natural rubber and proximity product

The Dog Ball is manufactured in Barcelona with the best quality natural rubber.

It is flexible, resistant and very easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.

Recommended use

  • This product is designed primarily for you to play with your dog.
  • You can use the DOG BALL both to throw it and to fill it and give it to your pet so that he can lick the filling.
  • If you want her to be entertained longer, freeze it so it takes longer to get the contents out. Do not make it so difficult for her to empty it, as this can cause frustration and stress.
  • In case of breakage, switch to a higher hardness.
  • In case of ingestion, consult your veterinarian (natural rubber is neither toxic nor digestible, the most normal thing is that it comes out the same way it went in).

The dangers of tennis balls

Tennis balls have become popular as the ideal dog toy: they are cheap, eye-catching and easily available

BUT BEWARE! They are one of the most dangerous toys for your pet.

Tennis balls are designed for playing tennis.

Damages the teeth over time, causing a serious “sandpaper effect”.

Tennis balls are composed of materials that are hazardous and toxic to pets, such as fiberglass, dyes and other chemicals.

The materials are not designed to resist dog bites.

Broken pieces (some dogs can swallow it whole) can block their airway leading to a choking hazard.

Broken pieces and “yellow fluff” can cause serious intestinal obstructions leading to surgery.

Dog Ball. Juguetes para perros, divertidos y sin sacrificar la calidad del producto ni la salud de tu mascota.

The DOG BALL has been designed specifically for dogs.

Natural rubber not only does not wear down your pet’s teeth, but also promotes their cleanliness by contributing to the elimination of tartar.

It is composed of natural and aromatized non-toxic rubber.

Materials designed to withstand dog bites

The DOG BALL breaks into small pieces that avoid choking hazards.
(Even so, we recommend that you monitor the condition of the toy regularly).

The DOG BALL breaks into small pieces that avoid the risk of clogging.
(Even so, we recommend that you monitor the condition of the toy regularly).

What customers say about Rucan’s pet toys

Xavier Villegas
Xavier Villegas
El meu gos està encantat!
Raquel Garcia
Raquel Garcia
Los productos son geniales, son resistentes, a mi perrita le encantan sobre todo cuando se los relleno. @soynala_11
Andrea Botella Gimenez
Andrea Botella Gimenez
Adoramos Rucan! Su dureza es increíble,adoran jugar con el tanto relleno como vacío. El rebotar les crea más juego. Estamos encantados con ellos
Edmon Nadal
Edmon Nadal
Bon producte
laia garcia
laia garcia
Tengo una perrita pitbull de 9 meses, y destroza todos los juguetes, estos son lo más, resistentes! Nosotras tenemos la alta dureza! Color Lila🥰 Tenemos el conic, y la dogball, le gustan los dos! Pero le mola más la dogball ya que hace de función de pelota para jugar en la calle, y luego en casa para rellenarla y que se entretenga!😜 Los recomendamos 100%
Son unos productos increíbles, con una calidad excepcional, a mí perrita le han encantado y juega muchísimo con ellos, ahora son sus juguetes favoritos 🤩🤩 Son de caucho natural, no son tóxicos y se pueden rellenar con comida por dentro lo que los hace súper divertidos y entretenidos 🥳 Y son súper resistentes, muchísimas gracias por un producto tan bueno 💖
María Castellano Sanjulián
María Castellano Sanjulián
Juguetes súper resistentes que hacen que nuestros perros estén horas entretenidos
jordi bulbena
jordi bulbena
Estoy en contacto con ellos y el material y productos son buenos. A mi perro y perro de mi hermana les encantan los productos. 100% confianza.
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